Best Pre Workout For Women

If you’re just starting to work out again following a long time away from it or looking to increase your training to prepare for an upcoming event, making the change to your daily routine can be a real challenge.

People do not possess limitless energy supplies. At some point during your workout, you will start to feel the effects of it and slow down. Having to quit your workout way before you wanted to because your body just ran out of fuel is not ideal.

To aid in the goal of improving your workout, you can look into using pre workout supplements. Pre workout supplements can help in a variety of ways and if you find a good one, you may even use it as your go-to drink whenever you need a bit of a boost.

In this article, you can learn about the top pre workout supplements for women and also develop a deeper understanding of how these products can help.

Let’s get started!

The Reviews 

woman using supplements working out

Caffeine is an ingredient that you’ll often find in pre workout supplements and with good reason. The aforementioned substance is well-known for its ability to boost energy and you need that when you’re trying to push through the last half hour or so of your workout.

The great thing about the caffeine content in FitMiss’ Ignite supplement is that it lines up pretty well with what you’re getting from a regular cup of coffee.

 It contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is comparable to what you’ll find in an eight ounce cup of brewed coffee, per the Mayo Clinic.

You can substitute this supplement for your daily cup of coffee if you want to.

The L-carnitine present in this coffee is a nice plus. That ingredient makes this supplement just a bit better at helping you burn fat. This supplement is also gluten-free.

The manufacturers have also taken care to ensure that no banned substances are used in this supplement. Competitive athletes can feel free to use it as much as they want to.

I do want to provide just a bit of a warning for anyone planning to use this supplement though. Before loading up on containers of it, try it out a few times first.

You may experience some tingling from time to time that’s likely related to the caffeine. The tingling sensation does subside quickly enough, but it’s still something you should know about before you make a final decision on this product.


  • Can be used as an effective substitute for your morning or afternoon coffee 
  • Helps in fat burning thanks to L-carnitine content 


  • May produce a tingling sensation every now and then 


You may not think that taste should be an important consideration for a pre workout supplement, but you will change your mind quickly if you ever experience the displeasure of gulping down a wretched mess.

Even if the product itself can boast impressive benefits, you won’t be able to stick with it if it constantly triggers your gag reflex.

NLA for Her’s Uplift supplement provides a solution for that aforementioned issue. 

This supplement is available in three flavors – cherry limeade, guava passion, and raspberry lemonade – that are all pleasing to the palate. They possess a natural quality that can sometimes be hard to find in supplements.

In addition to the great flavors, this supplement also features beta alanine. That substance is something that can effectively improve the endurance of your muscles.  You can count on it to help you last through longer workout sessions at the gym.

The supplement does a good job of stimulating your fast-twitch muscles so that they can get more involved in your workouts. You also don’t have to worry about feeling jittery after drinking a glass of this product.

This pre workout supplement for women is on the pricier side though. If you have a strict budget to follow, this supplement may not be able to fit within your price range.


  • One of the better-tasting pre workout supplements 
  • Boosts the endurance of your muscles 
  • Works on your fast-twitch muscles 


  • Pricer than the others 


Vegan products are becoming more widely available. Even if you are on the market for a specialty product such as a pre workout supplement, you will find vegan options to choose from, including the Enamour supplement from Rev Labs.

There’s more to know about this supplement than just its vegan qualities however. The key ingredients in this supplement are the BCAAs, which are also known as the branch chain amino acids.

Similar to beta alanine, the BCAAs work to improve the amount of work your muscles can endure during your routine. On top of that, they can also work to strengthen your muscles.

BCAAs are substances you want to find in heaping amounts in any pre workout supplement. It’s good to know that you can get a steady supply of them from this Rev Labs creation.

Along with the BCAAs, you are also getting L-carnitine from this pre workout supplement. This product is well worth considering if your number one goal for exercising is to shed some of the excess fat you have hanging around your belly.

There’s a lot to like about this supplement, but you may end up not being a fan of the aftertaste it provides. If you can develop a tolerance to that unfortunate feature of this supplement, you will have something that can benefit you for a long time.


  • Made using vegan ingredients 
  • Contains BCAAs for effective muscle development 
  • L-carnitine content helps with fat burning 


  • Features an unpleasant aftertaste 


We’re getting to that time of the year again when cranberries are becoming more and more prevalent.

Cranberries have kind of turned into a seasonal food of sorts, but it doesn’t have to be. You can regularly feature it on the list of items you consume if you choose to purchase this pre workout supplement from RedLeaf.

The flavor of cranberry is the one that dominates this pre workout supplement and that can either be a good or a bad thing depending on your preferences.

If you happen to be in the former camp, then you should appreciate the taste of this product. You’re also getting a natural raspberry taste from this supplement as opposed to that highly unpleasant artificial flavor.

To brighten up the flavor of the cranberries used in this supplement, the manufacturers have introduced hints of lime. Aftertaste is not something you have to worry about when it comes to this product.

You should know that you’re getting more than just appealing flavors from this pre workout supplement. The solid amount of beta alanine in this item will make recovering from your workouts an easier process.

Tingling is an issue with this supplement. It doesn’t last for that long, but it may still get in the way of your workout for a bit.


  • Cranberry and lime used in the supplement combine to produce a great flavor 
  • Beta alanine will help you recover better 


  • May cause tingling after consumption 


For those just getting into the world of pre workout supplements, the prospect of spending upwards of $30 or even $40 on any product may not look like the most appealing proposition.

The Diesel Diva Pre Workout Energizer from Get Diesel Nutrition provides shoppers who are hesitant to spend big right away a more reasonable alternative.

The aforementioned supplement is available for under $20. You’re not going to see a lot of supplements available at that price range.

Whenever a product is priced that much below its competitors, it’s inevitable for concerns about its quality to pop up. The good news here is that Diesel Diva still delivers the benefits that most people are looking for from a pre workout supplement.

The BCAAs present in the supplement help with recovery and strengthening. This supplement does not make use of any artificial flavorings and colors, freeing it from the unpalatable flavors that may sometimes accompany other supplements.

You also won’t have to deal with clumping when scooping this supplement outside of the container.

The trouble comes when you are trying to mix up a drink for yourself. Blending is a problem for this supplement and that can affect its flavor and texture once you drink it.


  • Very affordable pre workout supplement 
  • Contains helpful BCAAs 


  • Does not blend easily 


The All Natural Pre Workout Supplement from Lotus is another product worth considering for those who are following vegan diets, but that’s not the only reason to like it.

The ingredient that differentiates this particular pre workout supplement from many of the other options available on the market is that it makes use of coconut water. The addition of coconut water is a big deal because that substance helps out a lot when it comes to hydration.

For those who tend to sweat buckets during their workout routines, the coconut water present in this pre workout supplement should make it easier for them to recover faster.

You can also use this supplement regardless of what time you prefer working out.

Some people don’t have the luxury of exercising early in the morning or in the afternoon. If the only free time you have for working out is a small window before heading to bed, you may be able to draw plenty of benefits from using this supplement.

The main issue with this pre workout supplement is that it’s not the best-tasting product. After downing a bit of this supplement, a bad taste can linger in your mouth together with an unappealing texture. The combination of that bad flavor and texture can really be distracting during your workout.


  • Contains coconut water that’s good for recovery and hydration 
  • Does not contain any stimulants that will keep you up all night 


  • Flavor and texture leave a lot to be desired 


You can tell right away that the manufacturers of the IdealLean Pre Workout Supplement wanted to focus on fat burning in their product offering.

Contained within this supplement are ingredients such as green tea extract and phosphatidylserine.

Those are ingredients that are specifically meant to work as effective fat burners.

You obviously can’t just lean on this product alone and expect to lose weight, but if you complement your consumption of it with regularly exercising and eating right, then you can expect it to deliver some great results.

It gives a nice caffeine boost that can help get you through the roughest sections of your workout routine. The beta alanine present in this supplement should also prove very useful once you’re done exercising as it will help your muscles recover faster.

Now, let’s get to the flavor options because they will greatly influence your opinion of this supplement. The flavor choices available trend in the sweeter direction. Sweet in it of itself is obviously not a bad flavor, but it can be cloying when there’s too much of it.

If you don’t have a good palate for sweetness, you may not end up liking this supplement too much.


  • Good pre workout supplement to use for those looking to lose fat 
  • Has beta alanine that’s useful for muscle recovery 


  • Sweetness level is not for everyone 

What You Need to Know about Pre Workout Supplements for Women 

Now that we’re done highlighting the top pre workout supplements for women, let’s take some time to focus more on what exactly are these products and why you need to add them to your shopping list if your goal is to get in better shape.

Let’s start by answering some of the basic questions about the pre workout supplements for women.

Why Should I Take a Pre Workout Supplement?

Before we get into discussing the ways in which pre workout supplements can help you, it’s best to clear a few things up first.

It’s important for you to know that a pre workout supplement is not any kind of magic bullet or wonder product that will suddenly transform you into a more physically fit individual. Time and again, it’s been proven that those products do not exist.

The name already hints at what this kind of product is supposed to be and that’s a supplement. In order to get the most out of your pre workout supplement, you need to use it while also following a regular exercise plan and a proper diet. Relying solely on the supplement is not going to do much for your body.

Pre workout supplements are at their best when they are utilized as a booster.

Do you need some extra energy because you have trouble getting pumped up in the morning or because you tire out easily during your workout? You can bet that there’s a pre workout supplement that can help address that problem of yours.

Women’s Health also points out that supplements are great for getting extra nutrients into your body without having to up your intake of things you don’t want. The site notes that supplements give people the chance to increase the amount of protein they’re consuming on a regular basis without having to change their carbohydrate and fat intake.

Pre workout supplements can also serve as your early morning or late afternoon pick-me-up. If you like drinking coffee during those times of the day, you can consume a pre workout supplement that contains some caffeine instead.

Is a Pre Workout Supplement ​​​​Good for Women?

Pre workout supplements have proven helpful to many men in the past and there’s no reason why they can’t offer the same benefits to women. Remember that the main goals of these products are to offer either energy or nutrient boosts and everyone can use those.

The big difference these days is that you can now find pre workout supplements specifically formulated for women. Crucially though, you don’t need to shy away from those supplements that are made for both men and women.

As long as the product provides the benefits you need, feel free to use it as often as you want to.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that not all pre workout supplements are created equal.

Some of these supplements contain soy and/or gluten-based ingredients and they can do more harm than good if consumed by the wrong people.

Caffeine is another ingredient that can be problematic for some people as it can cause jitters and increase the heart rate. Look at the caffeine content first before making any purchase.

To ensure that you get your hands on a quality pre workout supplement, Shape urges people to focus on the products offered by the reputable brands or look for items that feature either a stamp of approval from the NSF or a good manufacturing practice certification.

If you’re still not 100 percent sure about using a particular pre workout supplement, go ahead and ask your doctor if the product you’re eyeing will be safe for you to consume regularly.

Do Pre Workout Supplements with Weight Loss?

​There is no shortcut to losing weight. In order to drop the weight, you need to dedicate yourself to exercising and following a balanced diet.

That said, pre workout supplements can put you in a better position to lose weight as long as you take them while exercising and sticking to your diet.

Because of the energy boost you’re getting from the pre workout supplement, you may be more inclined to move around more and/or exercise longer. Supplements that contain the substance known as L-carnitine can also help with weight loss.

Once L-carnitine makes its way into your body, it will move the fatty acids around and place them in a position where they are more likely to be used for the purposes of generating energy. Again, a supplement working on its own is not going to make the numbers showing up on the scale more favorable to you, but it can partner up with diet and exercise to produce good results.

What Should I Look for in a Pre Workout Supplement?

The Right Mix of Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients used in pre workout supplements, you should first look at potential allergens. You don’t want to drink something that can end up causing some kind of unwelcome reaction.

Caffeine content should be monitored as well so that you can avoid the supplements will keep you up all night.

For vegans, scan the ingredients list for any animal-based products.

As for the ingredients you want to see in a supplement, the previously mentioned L-carnitine is always a welcome addition. Beta alanine and BCAAs are substances you should also look for in supplements because they can help out a lot in terms of muscle recovery.


The flavor of a pre workout supplement is an important factor too.

Artificial flavorings can be truly unpleasant to deal with. As much as possible, look for natural ingredients so that the flavors are familiar and more stimulating.


​Flavor is not the only thing that can impact how much you enjoy a specific pre workout supplement. There are some supplements out there that simply do not blend well with water and they can make you feel like you’re drinking a glass of clumpy sand.

Look at how the supplement mixes with the water and look for those that turn out smoothly to guarantee yourself a great drinking experience.


After getting clients and friends to sample all of the pre workout supplements highlighted above, I’m going with the Uplift Pre Workout Supplement from NLA for Her as my pick for the top product currently on the market.

There’s no getting around the fact that this pre workout supplement has a high price tag attached to it, but the product is definitely worth it.

You will be able to work out for a longer period of time with the help of this supplement and because of the great flavor options provided, you may even look forward to drinking a glass of Uplift as opposed to dreading it.

This is the kind of pre workout supplement that you could end up using for years to come.